July 13, 2024


Thread Protector for Casing (Composite Type, CEL & CENL)

Composite Thread Protectors are manufactured using High Density Poly-ethylene, plastic colour concentrates, and additives for better dimensional stability and mechanical strain of protectors against extreme temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiations and with Steel Shell provided for resistance against mechanical damage during handling of Seamless pipes/ Tubes and provides precision protection of pipe / tube thread against ambient wetness and other impurities as well.

Making the threads on CNC lathe results in maximum precision of thread and engagement with pipe threaded ends and fitted manually or automatically by simple tools.

The Composite Thread protectors are manufactured under stringent quality control and inspection procedures applicable from raw material handling, production process and quality checks up to final dispatch. The Composite Thread Protectors are packed in Pallets and Plastic Stretch wrapping for protecting them from dust and damage during transportation and hence ensuring good quality to the customer.

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