July 13, 2024

About Us


OSOS Advanced Plastic Industries Company (OSPIN) is first plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and in the MENA region to manufacture and supply Plastic, Composite Thread Protector and various types of End Caps used for protection of tubular pipes during transportation to end-users from their manufacturing facilities. As of date, Plastic & Composite Thread Protectors are being imported from different parts of the world.

OSPIN will comply with international standards API Annex I- 5 CT 10th edition. Our specialty is manufacturing high performance API, and custom Thread Protectors and End Caps from Virgin Plastic Material for a complete range of OCTG applications. We utilize the most up-to-date, technologically advanced Injection Molding Machines and CNC Machines in the industry with State of the art testing facility in one roof.

OSPIN facility will give major tubular pipe manufacturers with economic advantages in terms of minimizing Inventory and ensures on time delivery to the end users due to the close proximity.

We are fully operational Since April 2015.


OSPIN manufacturing facility of 15000 m2 is located in Al-Jubail Industrial City,  Eastern province, Saudi Arabia with the primary purpose of catering to local and regional demands of tubular protection products in order to take advantage of 100% local availability of all the raw materials.

OSPIN products comply with international standards of API Annex-I-5

Why Choose Us

OSOS Advanced Plastic Industries Company

High Capacity Factory

Ospin has high tech Machines, Injection Molding, CNC, and all related steel work with high tech powder coating system, all located on an area of 15000 SM, operated and managed by high skilled staff.

Quality Molding

We installed the latest highly efficient injection molding machine and precise molds to manufacture our products.

Quality Finish

OSPIN products comply with International Standard of API and ISO 9001 2015

Qualified Staff

OSPIN team consists of highly selected engineers, technicians, and operators with long experiences.

Locally Available

We are Saudi based dedicated company to manufacture and supply Plastic various types of End Caps and Thread Protectors.

Our Certification

We employ a specialized team for quality assurance equipped with latest machines and instruments for testing and measuring.

Our Expert Team

OSPIN team consists of highly selected engineers, technicians, and operators with long experience in plastics, powder coating, and CNC operations in addition to a specialized team for quality assurance and after sales services.


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