May 27, 2024


OSPIN will comply with international standards API Annex I- 5 CT 10th edition. Our specialty is manufacturing high performance API, and custom Thread Protectors and End Caps from Virgin Plastic Material for a complete range of OCTG applications. We utilize the most up-to-date, technologically advanced Injection Molding Machines and CNC Machines in the industry with State of the art testing facility in one roof.

Our Quality

OSPIN’s lab is equipped with state of the art equipments to conduct stringent testing methods for ensuring quality of the products and conformity to API Standards. The facility confirms the testing from basic raw material to final product through the following listed equipments.

01. MFI Tester

02. UTM

03. Guillotine Impact Tester

04. Vibration Tester

05. Stripping Tester

06. Salt Spray Tester

07. Hot Oven

08. Freezer Unit

All thread protectors shall be of such design, material and mechanical strength so as to protect the connector seals, shoulders and threads from damage during handling, storage, and transportation. All protectors shall be free of burrs and protrusions which would damage phosphate or texturized connections. The thread protector shall have no sharp sections which will impact against an adjacent pipe to cause impact damage during routine handling

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